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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  February 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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>> good evening. president barack obama plans to visit the bay area this week. so far the white house is not revealing much about what he plans to do while he's here except to spi he'll meet with business and tech leaders. here's more. chris? >> reporter: obviously a presidential visit is a very high profile event but this is very, very low profile. about this time on thursday, we will watch as the president lands at sfo. then he'll be whisked off someplace to talk with heavy hitters from our business and tech community. this is the president's visit to the manufacturing plant in fremont last may. then white house invited us along for a tour. thursday the president returns to the bay area. when he meets with business and tech leaders, it will be a conversation closed to the public and the media. the white house asked the sul cone chamber of commerce to visit but she's been saying which one she named.
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>> i think the fact that he is coming into san jose. he is interesting to speaking to some of our business leaders whether they are from high-tech or some of our legacy companies is a good union is. >> reporter: a spokesman said another good sign, the president's commitment to research and development. the company credits its ability to grow in a brutal economy to the fact the company guaranteed a $535 million loan when the private sector could not. it takes more than money to grow. san jose mayor chuck reid speaking at a green energy event of his own said companies like this need less regulation. >> they have to compete with the chinese who produce solar products. we need to do what we can do at the national and the state level to level that playing field. we have great technology and we want to keep the jobs in the u.s. >> reporter: they are also getting a visit from the president, not in santa clara but at its research facility where the president will meet
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with some of the children who participate in the math and science education programs. meantime, he says business is toward meet the president's challenge to start hiring. >> the american people are hiring. they are ready to innovate and to continue to develop jobs and products. i think some of the regulations from the federal and state governments need to be shifted and reviewed. but the private sector, we're ready. >> reporter: now we will keep trying to figure out who it is the president is meeting with. we know that you want to know that. also, the president focused on business continues a week from today, he will be at a small business forum in ohio. in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> larry will join us in house. he will look at exactly what needs happen to get more jobs in the bay area. we have an update to our breaking news in the 5:00 p.m. hour. a suspicious letter containing what was described as a grainy
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substance prompted an evacuation of the v.a. hospital in palo alto. you see the chopper above the scene in the last hour. 100 people were evac grated a business office on the grounds of the hospital. a longstanding facility on foothill express way near stanford campus. an employee old the letter addressed to the hospital. inside he found a strange and greaty substance with a musty smell. the employee said he immediately felt nauseous and then he threw up. they were evacuated. no one else reported sick and the man was treated and released. the substance is being analyzed tonight. the employees who worked in the area where the letter was opened will be allowed to return to work once it is determined that it is nontoxic. as promised, brace yourself for a wet and windy night for a bay area. >> here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. it is pretty. that looks like the bay bridge
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to me. i'm thinking the bay bridge. that i know. i've lived here my whole life, for crying out loud. let check with jeff. you said it was coming and here it is. >> it has been very slow to get here. the north did see some rain drops early but it is progressing and dragging its feet to the sout from this expansive system, whao you'll find is most of the activity is across the north bay. now starting to enter portions of the coastline ajason dondjacn francisco. it has been gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. los gatos, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts here. san francisco airport at 33 miles per hour. that wind could delay you tonight throughout oakland and into san francisco. a we take a look right now, we are under a wind advisory tonight from the north bay down into the south bay. there is my graphics with winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. that gust, that is, until 1:00
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this morning. that's for the entire viewing area at this point. let track the rain. in the north bay, we have moderate pockets of rainfall and also that wind sustained at 20 to 25 miles per hour. highway 101, that's where the commute will be the slowest. starting to get rainfall into san francisco but still dry, also dry toward danville. a spotty shower for walnut creek. meanwhile we'll talk more about dangerous tide levels with an all time astronomical high tide tomorrow. what that mean for the coastline and our winter weather in the sierra. that's all coming up this hour. >> we'll see you soon. we asked for the golden gates and we got it. >> that looks like the golden gate. >> let's look outside. the wet weather can be dangerous on the roads. it has been a reminder since we have dwell this. a reminder of safe driving tips
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never a bad idea. health care coverage for children was one of the corner stones of the harford county reform bill. the time is running out for minorities want to get coverage for children with preexisting conditions. t . >> reporter: this is a deadline that impacts ten of thousands of california children. parents of children with preexisting health conditions have just two more weeks until march 1 to get medical coverage before rates potentially skyrocket. 5-year-old william suffers from asthma. his mother said he gets sick so often, health insurance is an absolute must. >> he has several kinds of medication. the one that prevents him from getting the asthma and the but not once he has the asthma helps him recover. >> reporter: while children with preexiting conditions can no
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longer be denied health coverage thanks to federal harford couea reform. >> people don't know about it. and then they don't sign up during this window, then they sign up later. they'll have to pay five times more than they would have had to pay if they signed up in the next two weeks. >> reporter: the pediatrician dr. gena lewis know how important health care coverage is. her own daughter will soon undergo her third open heart surgery. she doesn't want any child to go without. >> kids don't get to choose if they have something wrong with them. it is their right to have, to be taken care of. are the reminder comes just in time for little william. his current health care coverage is about to run out because his mother lost her job. >> when you lose your job you don't have money. and having to pay a very high premium i don't think is an
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option. >> reporter: now if you're having trouble getting insurance for your sick child, the department of managed harford county has a team standing by to help. you can call their special hotline at 1-888466-2291. the deadline is quickly approaching. march 1, rates are expected to rise. reporting live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. a barge started sinking today near the marina green in san francisco. the captain of the tugboat that was pushing the barge reportedly made a last-minute destocisiond. the coast guard said it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: it all started at 7:30 this morning. a phone call came in to the coast guard from this barge right behind me as it was taking on water.
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now, there was a possibility the water out there could have ended up murky and toxic had the oil and fuel inside spewed out into the bay. the coast guard is now saying that that crisis has been averted. >> we have both game wardens and biologists here in order to make sure that there is no adverse impact to california's environment. >> california fish and game and the u.s. coast guard are breathing size of relief. the marine mammals and legions of sea and shore birds that live along marina green are safe. the san joaquin river barge had about 4,800 gallons of oil and hydraulic fuel when it deliberately ran aground to keep it from sunging. after an exhaustive look, the coast guard estimates less than one gallon may have spilled. >> the coast guard had several overfrights and only seen traces of oil in the water. >> reporter: they noticed two areas where there appears to be
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an oily sheen. that's when it was spread around the boat to contain whatever might be leaking into the water. now emergency crews are saying that the fact that they were able to limit the spill to less than the average jug of milk was because they were able to move so quickly. many of the agencies attribute that to lessons learned from the oil spill in the bay back in november 2007. it was a 53,000 gallon spill that many say could have been much small her emergency crews acted more quickly. >> since then, we get resources at the problem ship or barge or whatever it is as quickly as possible. and i think that was done today. >> reporter: now, as you can see it is really 100 windy out here. the coast guard was concerned about pumping the water that had fill up the engine room on this barge but they actually completed that task. now all they have to do is take
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some of the 3,000 tons of sand that was on this barge, put on it to another barge so they can take one that has had problems and sail it away. nbc bay area news. >> it looks like they're treating this problem effectively. still ahead, bye-bye baby. a popular baby store shuts its doors. a place families have gone to for generations including our families to puck out their cribs and onesies. plus, be prepared when you get toward book your next flight. some airlines are not creasing fares but only for a certain type of traveller. and she was just trying to make a living. new developments in the death of a pregnant farm work here shifap shift. how her family is demanding justice.
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the internet has changed the way we buy thing. for some it is convenient. for others it is cold and impersonal. here's the story of a san bruno children's store that reflects the changes. >> this is me when i first opened. my father made me that suit. he was a tailor. this is our store when it first opened. right here. that's our sign. >> reporter: there wasn't much to downtown san bruno when he opened the children's store in 1947. >> i started out in the toys. and furniture. when you work seven days a week, the family built it up. >> reporter: every year he would decorate the christmas. he would help kids buy the first bike. >> i love babies. i love waiting on them. >> reporter: business was done face to face. competition was from a store
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down the block. >> we didn't have websites at that time. we just had our competition was just a flower store. >> reporter: those days are now like the history in his scrap book. economic times and internet shopping have put an end to lullaby lane's 63-year run. >> we've always had great customer service for learning about products and safety. but then they'll bring in their red laser applications and say,, oh i can find it cheaper elsewhere. >> reporter: the store closed for good sunday. a few long time customers came by to poik through the remains of what was once a 20,000 square foot business, employing 40 people. >> we came here 25 years ago when my oldest daughter was born. it went through my other two kids and my he can husband, nieces and nephews. business has changed. this business model and this
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mission does not work in this economy number. >> reporter: although his kids now run the business, he mourns the old ways before big box stores and online sales. >> people, camaraderie. >> reporter: a time when quality was king, a customer was a friend, and a store was part of a neighborhood. nbc bay area news. >> a little personal note. i received all of my cribs and strollers and things for the kids there, too. sad to see it go. another big issue for local stores, the online company often don't to have charge sales tax. something that's hurting local stores and hurting states and county to lose out on that ref new as well. lullaby lane is having a last day sale to clear out the rest of merchandise. mainly the fixtures are all that's left. president obama outlining the balanced budget. despite slashing many programs,
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he is still focusing on investing in new technology. with that said he is heading to the bay area thursday evening. details are being closely guarded. very interesting. the question is why? what's with the secrecy? larry is here with some answers. we received e-mail from the white house. he is coming, he is meeting with some business leaders, end of sentence. that's it. that's very interesting. and surprising coming from the white house press office. >> sometime we overreact. we expect everything to be done the ts crossed. we have to figure out which ceos they want to show case. how it relates to the budget and the kinds of thing they're promoting. there is a lot of lodgistical works to do. >> we don't have the guest list at hand. regardless, the ceo of this company or that company or whatever companies, regardless of who will be there, the significance of what he will do
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thursday at around 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. >> in a state with really dark clouds, silicon valley really shines. our unemployment is 11% but it 12.5 statewide. industry is moving. the president can showcase what happens, especially it is a relates to high-tech. that you think california created 66,000 jobs last year. 12,000 of those came right near silicon valley. mostly tech. all those things good to a president who is trying to get the nation to think about employment and moving ahead. >> in terms of all the budget slashing, he is saying we're not slashing here. he's proposing we won't slash here. we want to spend here. is that true or just rhetoric? >> it is true. and it works well for the president and his goals. he is talking about training. one of the problems with this unemployment, we have jobs available and the people don't have the skill sets to go with
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it. the president wants to invest more in traupg. the president wants to make r&d credits permanent. yes it costs. but it brings so many jobs. the president wants the move ahead with so many thing targeted for this area and that's why he will come here to open arm. >> sure ay will outline some plans about green innovation. or is it just to get these guys in his back pocket? 2012 is about 18 months from now. >> the clock is ticking. everything the president does between now and next year has to be viewed with two lenses. one, the economic or the social, the culture. no question. let's not forget, california has 20% of the electoral votes. silicon valley is a hot spot. the president has done well with silicon valley. ceos and other leaders to this
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point. don't kill the golden goose. no question about it. this has to be fold in the with the other economic issues he who is the deal with. >> thursday night in the bay area, president obama will be here. thank you, larry, for your time. back to you. >> thank you. if you travel for business and in business class, get ready to pay more or get ready to have why are do you mean pay a little more. delta is raising the prices by about $120 per round trip. they say inflation is the cause. and they're focusing on the business traveller to absorb the costs. okay. here we go. >> you're back. >> i'm back. i've been moving all around the set. every one is moving outside. maybe a little slower. how much more of this? >> we're going to be seeing as we head through the night.
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also even into tomorrow morning. the winds gusting in the east bay in the 30s. south at 25 miles per hour. here's a look over this past hour in oakland with the temperature of 56 right now. all right. let's get you to the latest. the national weather service has issued a 100 advisory over the past hour for the entire viewing area at this point. winds, 20 to 40 miles per hour through tonight. once again, those gusts could get close to 40 miles per hour at this point as well. so let's go ahead and take a look at the rainfall. it has been slow to move in. very, very stubborn. we had rain drops in the beginning of the north bay and now it is just progressed to about 30 mile to the south. san francisco, right along the pacifica area starting to get a few showers. we'll be watching some very high tides into tomorrow coinciding with this very windy time.
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it could cause some coastal erosion. otherwise, 101 getting with it some moderate rainfall. winds, 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's where the travel is the worst. a few shower getting close. finally to san francisco with sustained wind at 25. temperatures down today into the 50s and the 60s. currently we're also looking at these conditions close to 60 degrees. we'll have more on the rain and win and also more on the sierra snow we can expect coming up. it's been weeks now but now that the wet roads are back, a refresher course is never a bad thing. >> with the wet roads comes dangerous driving conditions. >> reporter: plenty of aware, polished concrete, very slippery. tires that have been allowed to go bald. all the makings of the wet road course regional training center.
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we've got deputy hansen. >> i'm behind the wheel. are you nervous? >> a little bit. >> today we want to show what you not to do and what to do when you're driving in the wet weather. not even going 20 miles an hour. i'm going to make a left-hand turn. whoa! what i am a doing wrong. >> once you lost control of the 56 stayed on the accelerator. and you steered the opposite direction you should have. >> you're going to show us how to do it the right way. >> we're taking a left turn. what are you doing with your feet? >> i'm letting off the accelerator. once i feel i've regained control of the car, putting pressure back on the accelerator to straighten myself out. what's happening on the roadways, people are panicking. and they're staying on the
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accelerator. or they're just on the brakes. what when that happens, you're losing the friction between the tires and the roadway. >> this isn't just for law enforcement. civilians can come out here as well? >> suabsolutely. we teach driving technique such gas control. how to recover from an out of control vehicle. and how to control a vehicle from blowouts. we can simulate what could possibly happen at high speeds. >> that's sheriff's for more information. nbc bay area news. >> bob, slow down! >> there you go. nifls. still ahead, the next school year seems far away. but health leaders have one important reminder for parents this week. h the u.s. will help people seeking democracy. we
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first tunisia and then egypt and now iran. protesters are demanding change. at the same time, president obama using egypt as a shining example for other kroiz a path toward democracy. the white house very clear in its message today addressing the spreading unrest in the middle east. secretary of state hillary clinton calling on the iranian regime to allow its citizens access to the internet and other freedoms. >> iran is awful because it is a government that routinely violates the rights of its people. >> we've sent a strong message to allies in the region saying let's look at egypt's example as opposed to iran's example. >> reporter: the white house is under pressure to put its full weight behind the protesters. ahead at 6:00, the life of a pregnant teenager cut short by heat exhaustion as she worked in the fields. her family is fighting for justice tonight. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's
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up new at 6:00, the next chapter over a fight in the fields. two years after the heat-related death of a pregnant teenage familiar worker, the d.a. has agreed to a controversial deal with the company supervisors. the deal calls for no jail time. that's angered the victim's family and the united farm workers. damien traveling there to talk to the d.a. >> reporter: she was working in the vineyard near lodi sil ar to this one. a typical hot day in the central valley in 2008. maria him enes was feeling sick. >> she had been picking grapes for nearly nine hours. >> reporter: she was only 17. she was also pregnant. two days later, she was dead. >> up very sad. >> reporter: her uncle spoke with us during one of his breaks on a farm near madera.
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the family was ground the contractor and the farm's safety office per day faced involuntary manslaughter charges and possible prison time. they allegedly waited hours before dialing 911. the d.a. said the suspects didn't follow a new and obscure state farm law on heat illness, calling for the grower to provide water and shade and to have heat illness training procedures in place. >> we could go to trial on this. >> reporter: but san joaquin deputy lester fleming instead decided to cut a deal with the defendants. probation and community service in return for guilty pleas. >> it wasn't gun the knowledge would it cause someone to die. >> reporter: he said convincing someone to convict in the central valley would not be easy. he still feel it sends a strong message. >> with that knowledge we hope the employers will start taking greater pains to make sure their workers are protected to the greatest extent possible.
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>> reporter: but the deal has angered the family. the uncle says the plea deal sends the life of an animal is worst more than the life of a plee farm worker. >> if the plea deal is taken, it says farm workers' lives don't matter. employers can continue to violate the laws and face very little consequences. >> reporter: the united farm workers are helping fight. they will face the judge march 9 hoping the speak for maria it is bell and the thousands of others they say don't have a voice. nbc bay your news. >> late this afternoon the attorney representing the defendant said neither of his clients ever made could not tnt the activism he blame a third person who was assign that day, who has since disappeared. he said the plea zeal fair because his clients do not have criminal history and do not act with criminal intent.
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nx moving on. the debate over high speed rails. it is shifting to the east bay. the california high speed rail authority release ad new list of alternative routes for a possible rail segment from stockton to san jose. the authority is looking at routes that pass through downtown pleasantton, livermore and tracy. the pleasanton authorities you a they don't want it going through their back yards. others say they would welcome it as a way to revitalize their downtown area. tonight b.a.r.t., this could be the end of a very long quest to bring b.a.r.t. to the south bay. >> reporter: this b.a.r.t. train leaving fremont could soon be bound for san jose now that the federal transit administration is recommending the project gets $130 million in federal funding.
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>> this is a terrific idea. b.a.r.t. has been around the bay for a long time and connectioning the airports. >> reporter: for commuters like victor ortiz, b.a.r.t. service to the south bay would save him a shuttle ride to work from freedom where he is forced to getov b.a.r.t. >> it now takes me about two hour if i take public transportation. about 1:15 if i drive in traffic. this would really make it easy to get to work and would probably cut about 45 minutes. >> reporter: the extension would run from the fremont station, currently the end of the line in the south bay, to the district in san jose. it would also include a station many milpitas. >> it would make getting into here much easier because parking is hard. it would be better for the environment. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. officials predict almost 22,500 people
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would use it every day. >> it would make a huge difference for us. >> reporter: the money still needs approval from congressional republicans. if that happens, construction could begin as early as next year. the line wouldn't open until 2018. nbc bay area news. the project is slated to cost about $2.3 billion. the ultimate goal is to extend b.a.r.t. to santa clara. happening right now, berkeley city council is considering whether to approve a resolution welcoming two former guantanamo bay detainees as berkeley residents. the commission crafted this resolution. which the city council may or may not vote on. the city manager is recommending the councilmembers take no action. the vote is a formality and no city money would be spent because it is against federal
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law. volunteers would step forward with donations to help these two men. the chronicle reports both men were clear of any wrongdoing but cannot return to their home countries. one was a chef. the other was a russian ballet dancer who converted to islam. a curious thing at the bridge. you might call at this time leaning wall of oak&. the contractor working on it said as long as people abide, it shouldn't pose a threat. near the park street bridge, it is leaning precariously over the sidewalk. yes, it is. a contractor said the entire building was gutted in a fire five years ago. and as a result, there are no supports inside. the city blocked off the your to prevent cars and pedestrians from getting near it after the wall began leaning in a drama angle. >> what we're trying to do is prevent it from falling into the street and the sidewalk. we're going to secure it by
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pulling it back into the building. and make sure that nothing falls out. >> the contractor said they only received permits to start transforming the building last week. but recent wind and rain is forcing them to move more quickly. the legal maneuvering not the for barry bonds. his perjury trial set to begin next month. today's news, seek recordings between bonds and his personal trainer will be in the upcoming trial. it was ruled faye prosecutors can play that tape-recorded conversation in 2003. in it, bonds and his trainer greg an allegedly discussed the complexities of injecting steroids. steve hoskins made the tape inside the clubhouse. bonds faces four counts of lying to a federal jury about you'ving steroids as well as one count of
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obstructing justice. >> still ahead, the happy homecoming for bay your soldiers. >> what do they do about jeopardy? we'll take you behind the scenes to show you the bay area connection to the now famous jeopardy computer. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff rannieri. if you haven't seen the rain, it is on the way. upper 50s and low 60s for those highs. and we're also looking at a wind advisory through tonight with winds that could top 40 miles r shiil tns storm and how long the rain lasts.
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health leaders want to remind parents to get a jump
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start on the whooping cough vaccine. if they do not get the shot, they won't be able to go to school. it requires all seventh through 12 grade students in public and private schools to show proof they've received the vaccine before stepping foot in a classroom. health officials are urging parents and taugers to act now to avoid crowded doctors' offices before school starts. speaking of vaccines, the california department of health is recommending the flu vac for everyone 6 months of age and oriole. influenza is on the rise with cases present in california. the flu can cause serious illness and even death in some cases. health officials stay best way to prevent the spread of influenza is to stay home when you're sick, cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing and wash your hands all the time. valentine's day was yesterday. there was plenty of love today. a hero's welcome for south bay soldiers who spent the last year in war zones. members of the 469th combat sustained support battalion returning to san jose today.
6:42 pm
look at these pictures. they've been gone 11 months while serving in kuwait, iraq and afghanistan. they provided support for others. >> i can't describe it. probably the best feeling i've had in a long time. >> i'm excited to be home. yeah. it still hasn't really hit me yet but i'm ready to get back to the civilian world. >> it's wonderful to have him back safe and sound. it's been a long year. >> welcome home. the national guard took soldiers to a nearby hotel to celebrate with their family. for several of them, this was their last tour of duty. >> they're home for good. we've got lauren scott check out, the giants are out there. >> the first official action of sprung for the giants. the pitcher and catchers. giants now at work getting ready
6:43 pm
to defend the title. just down the road in phoenix, the oakland a's starting to arrive. we take to you a's camp and hear from their 61er. plus a special tribute night in oakland. . >> here's jeff in the weather center. >> we're tracking rain and also the wind across the bay area. a live look across the golden gate bridge. we've seen a few showers. a lot of it is happening in the north bay. talk about the wind, the snow levels.elerous tide levels.
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it is playing a big part of this. >> our tech reporter shows us the people behind the machine that is currently in first place. >> here's today's final jeopardy clue. >> by now you probably know about the computer taking aim at human contestants on jeopardy. its name is watson and it was created by ibm to stir thing up on tv. >> with jeopardy, this is wide open. this is really human knowledge. that could be on any topic. >> laura haas is the director. some of the work on watson was
6:46 pm
done. >> there's been a lot of very general background material and a lot of very specific thing for feel that's we saw come up over and over again. sports and movies and fiction, et cetera. >> he recognizes that he has already lost. >> reporter: watson on jeopardy may remind you of ibm's deep blue which stunned the chess world in 1997. but the way we see technology has changed since then. >> technology is fun. it is cool. we all rely on it. but also, we all do enough with it and have struggled with its frustrations enough to know that no, it's not smarter than we are. it really isn't. it is actually really stupid. it can't do the simplest things i intend without my spelling it out. >> reporter: well, watson at least seems smart. he's been watching very closely by his proud apparent. >> i'm an ibm 'er.
6:47 pm
where ever i go, people long what watson did and they'll hold it for or against ibm. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i won't hold it against ibm. >> watson. >> i know. i like it. it is cold and rainy and windy. >> it sure is. no matter how good these computers are, they cannot tell you the weather like we can. nbc bay area weather team, top in the market. let's look at san francisco. do not adjust your tv screens. this view right now is shauk arou shaking around. gusting into the 30s. looking right toward the bay bridge, doing any traveling across our bay bridge, golden gate bridge, san mateo bridge, you'll need to reduce your speed out there. the storm system continues to push to the south. it has been slow moving, too. dragging its feet across
6:48 pm
northern california. the northbau bay is starting to push in. also tomorrow morning, dangerous tide levels. we call it king tide. you can get more on nbc bay area doc. right around 9:23 tomorrow morning, is when this king tide will coincide with the hi tide. it will produce possibly minor coastal erosion and even some flooding. otherwise, wind advise, oh winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. winds 15 to 25 miles an hour. moving into the peninsula. the rain is on the way for you and also fairly dry in the south bay as well. that rain will be moving in as we head into the next three to four-hour period. one to two feet of snow as it pushes in with winds topping 60
6:49 pm
murpz. the latest storm will stay with us through tomorrow morning. then for wednesday, even though the storm moves to the south, we'll see some periods of rain. then another storm system we'll be watching for friday. the front pushes to the south tonight keeping that wind in the forecast. and then for wednesday, temperature generally staying in the 50s across the bay area. let's get a look at this time line. a slow mover pushing to the south. 9:00 p.m., the front is still mainly over the nor bay. then by the midnight hour, it starts to move in. that's when the total there's bump up for the south and the east bay. the highest totals no doubt in the north bay with close to an inch. otherwise a total to a half inch. tonight it will stay breezy in the east bay with temperature in the low to mid 40s. we're looking at plenty of 40s in the south bay and here's a look at the number for tomorrow. 55 in morgan hill. 54 in pleasanton. low to mid 50s in dublin and livermore. as this storm pushes to the
6:50 pm
south, we'll see some gradual drying and some pockets of sunshine. enough unstaubl air with some around in the forecast for wednesday. morning time on the weather channel. you'll notice rain each and every guy a mix of sun and some clouds for thursday, friday and saturday. the sun returns, yes, finally as we head into sunday. back to you. today the a's begin filing in. the a's making a lot of moves. andrew bailey and like the giants, they have a strong starting rotation. guys like last season's mr. perfect. dallas braden. they even have an aussie import by way of tampa bay. grant in the pen. the defending champs with the angels and perhaps seattle will rebound. so good the a's have come ready
6:51 pm
to work. >> that last week, guys take a little break and take last weekend off before they have to go to work for eight straight months. these guys didn't do that. it's been a very impressive turn youflt guys are looking zprong in shape. wave good team. i think they know it and they're ready to prepare. >> shark fans, perhaps you noticed maybe you could not sight. his anaheim ducks fleece. the sharks tied 1-1 after two in nashville. in stockdale, the giants starring their boringouts. this is what we like to see. the cleats are on. it sure sounds nice. the mood, business-like. tim lincecum stretching. the daily routine, the entirety of spring is all about getting
6:52 pm
into a routine even if it means stretching. which make today and getting back together extra fun. >> every first training day is exciting. you think you're the first one and everybody is here. getting out and stretching with the team and playing catch and throwing partners, throwing bull pens, you get used to comebackers and all of it is a little foreign. to get used to it with the weather we have here. i think guys are pretty excited. >> spring training coverage continue on comcast sports. the team is in arizona with complete coverage of the world champions. intensive spring training right until opening day. nightly at 10:30 only on comcast sports net bay area. tonight at the arena in oakland, a special tribute night to a special warriors own here died last year. a few months before we visited the home of franklin.
6:53 pm
>> he was a great guy. >> you interrogatory deer stalker cap. they worry at each of the hardwood classics game. he was very gracious. he told us how he became part owner of the 49ers and the giants before helping bring the warriors to the bay area. 49 years later after that relocation, they've had two other sets of ownership. now the team experiencing kind of an uptick. they have 24 wins. that's just two shy of the 26 total they finished with and they have two more game before the break. at home against new orleans hornets. then tomorrow night they are in utah. hopely? momentum builders for the hornets. >> one of these days franchise >>neound >> one of these days? >> we still believe.
6:54 pm
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tonight the birth of a child is lifeless but getting there can be costly for those having a hard time could not seeing. >> they know at the end they'll have a good chance of having a baby. secondly, they have some coverage if it doesn't work the first time. >> so now a bay area fertility center is offering an unusual incentive. bring home a baby or get your
6:57 pm
money back. >> tonight, the baby guarantee. and dozens of bay area couples said it really delivers, so to speak. >> finally for now, nasa officials got a great valentine's day present. the spacecraft had a bit of a rendezvous with a comet half the size of manhattan. the spacecraft traveling at 24,000 miles per hour zoomed by this comet. took these amazing pictures of a crater. you see it there. it was created by another nasa spacecraft six years ago. at its nearest approach, it got about 100 mile of this potato shaped comet. amazing. >> very cool photos. >> what's going on up there is amazing. >> this is for watching.
6:58 pm
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